Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Stonehenge in #Toronto

The excavation of an almost completed Stonehenge in Toronto rises above Bay Street adjacent to the Royal Bank Plaza. It consists of multiple black, monolithic structures that seem to be missing it's top members and the balance of the circle of stones. The monoliths would also be perfect for monkeys to touch, which they probably did back in 2001 during a previous odyssey.
The site must have been brimming with Druids during our recent Winter Solstice on December 21st, practicing their nudist rituals (I hope) as they flung flowers into the air. Early in it's history the site fell into disrepair during the OS (Occupy Stonehenge) period. The site was only discovered in modern times when rich Bay Street financial types needed to add to their underground wine cellars.
Both the sunrise and the sunset of the solstice are magnified by the gold windows of the building that is situated across the street from Brookfield Place on Bay Street and Union Station on Front Street.

See more photos of gold and monoliths after the jump.

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