Thursday, December 15, 2011

The GRID Dating Diaries

I was reading a #Toronto newspaper called @TheGridTO and the final page had an article called 'Dating Diaries' with an episode featuring contestants Julia & Vic. What a horror story; girl has trust issues, after months of unrelenting pressure Julia agrees to go out with Vic. Vic uses fake picture and grosses out Julia when they meet in person, unhappiness ensues!
She reinforces how ugly this guy is with a quaint turn of phrase "He was grotesque, like a science experiment gone horribly wrong." Not just wrong, "horribly wrong". Julia didn't want to be seen with this ugly, lying bastard and quickly dumps him with a fake-out non-entrance at the restaurant and peels out of the parking lot in her car, leaving him alone in the restaurant. Ha ha, ugly guy be gone!
OMG, she probably had nightmares for weeks about this almost date with quasimodo which began over the internet (I found some graffiti that only attempts to represent the man she met and the despair she felt). Her trust, built up like the slow work of befriending a wild cat, is suddenly torn asunder once again. She laments that "I had never met anyone online before," she says, "and probably never will again." Sad, sad, sad.

Julia then rates her date. I was thinking zero out of ten, or maybe into the negatives. No, Julia rates her date 2 out of 10. You're kidding me, a two out of ten, where the hell did that number come from? That is almost an okay date, close to average. Where did he pick up his game to rate a two out of ten? I am still laughing at that score. I think if she gets a good looking guy in a coma we could be looking at a 7 out of 10 rating!

The issue is December 15-21, 2011 so go out and pick up your free copy or read it on the web, whatevs my peeps.

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