Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day; We who are about to buy salute you

The bastion of consumer sales beckons the customers into the malls of #Toronto. #BoxingDay salutes you! Actually I like sales too and the day after Christmas sale is always on your mind when you are buying presents before Santa comes to visit. Arrgghh, will the present be half off after you have bought it?
I would buy more but I find it hard to shop with all the rest of the the giant, pulsating crowds that hope to get wicked good deals. Wicked good, ugh! Here is some CEMO graffiti found in Toronto's alleys around Queen Street West. The one above features a zombie like skull with boxing gloves, it's graffiti boxing day. The blue eyed skull creature has a boxing helmet and big blue gloves and he stands ready to take on high prices!
This CEMO skull guy just looks angry - he realizes his present is now on sale.

Online sales are a good alternative, avoid the crowds and get a good deal. Shipping is included with a lot of deals and you can get it so fast after you order.

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