Friday, December 02, 2011

Banksy graffiti and Mayor Rob Ford

I find it interesting that both graffiti artist Banksy and current #Toronto Mayor Rob Ford both get their share of disrespect. It is hard to please everyone and some people are more vocal about their displeasure than others - true of politicians and artists. Gravy, it seems, is in the cup of the beholder.
STOP FORD ALL-WAY stop sign, very efficient!

The world renowned Banksy, who remains both anonymous and famous, dropped by Toronto in 2010 and left a number of works throughout the city ahead of the premier of his movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop". I don't think any of them survived a week before they were tagged over by local painters or removed by the owners of the buildings. One has even been recently removed when the provincially owned building beside the Gardiner Expressway was demolished.
One artist that is often compared to Banksy is Toronto street artist Deadboy who uses stencils and posters pasted onto buildings. Mayor Rob Ford is often the target of Deadboy's artistic visions and looking back over the Dundas West alleyway where Banksy's original work was defaced (I wish it was still there because I love the business man in the suit with a sign saying "Will work for idiots") and later replaced with "We will not be erased" and a peaceful monk by Banksy. Little has changed in that alley from that early May 2010 visit and now, except for a small poster of Mayor Rob Ford giving the middle finger salute by Deadboy. The poster, like the original graffiti,  has seen better days but I think it is a nice homage from our hometown talent.

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