Thursday, December 22, 2011

@CityNYE 2012 stage rising

With the number of events going on in #Toronto City Hall's Nathan Phillips Square the metal scaffolding goes up and down so often that they should just leave it there. The construction crews fit the metal tubes and plywood sheets up directly in front of City Halls flying ship and round bookmark buildings in preparation for NYE 2012.
Wow NYE 2012. LOL, I had to check because I thought it was about New York. My in depth online research allowed me to deduce, much like Sherlock Holmes (yes I love the movies), that the tall tubing structure resembling a giant Meccano set will probably be used for the Citytv New Years Eve Bash 2012.

Kevin Frankish and Dina Pugliese are joined by Gord Martineau and Tracy Moore as hosts of the free concert that takes place on New Years Eve, which I thinks is December 31, 2011 this year (which is good because I remember one year it was late and they held it in February), and the fun starts at 10pm. Man, that's awful late, they should start earlier so that we can get to bed before midnite.

There will be live performances by Howie D, JDRN, Karl Wolf, Anjulie, Aleesia, Neverest and others during the night which will also feature fireworks.
As I recall there were a lot of glow sticks, a skating dance party, thousands of people and cold, yes cold.

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