Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Now that's Cherry, Beach

#Toronto Cherry Beach is more than just a song from long ago where someone got beat up by the boys in blue (Cherry Beach Express), no my friends, Cherry Beach is an area that a lot of people don't know exist. South of the Gardiner, east of downtown, this was the home of the high speed ferry boat from the Rochester in the good ol' USA to Toronto that didn't last very long (closed in 2006). And because of that city's name I want to say, ohh, Rochesterrrrr. Now that's cherry, beyach!
Besides the long sandy beaches you can look upon the Toronto Islands and the City's inner harbour and spectacular skyline. The urban industrial faded glory is being replaced with cool stuff, parks, new buildings and sometimes the Cirque De Soleil.
I always enjoy stopping at the rusted green lift bridge, it's open metal grill floor adds a bit of excitement, watch out that you don't fall through the cracks. St Lawrence Steamers seem to be tied up near the bridge waiting for something and the salt piles build waiting for winter, which if you didn't know, just happens to have arrived here in the GTA.
The beach at the end of the road features free parking (can you believe it?) and access to the waterfront paths that wind along the shores of Lake Ontario. If you are lucky you can go swimming, enjoy the sun and maybe do some kite surfing or sailboarding.  The famous lifeguard building stands at the ready, a lifeguard perched high in the tower on the crest of the roof, rowboats stacked upside down beside the building ready to cut the waters' waves to rescue someone or get a quick workout during a long uneventful shift. Near the point at the inner harbour entrance you can find dogs romping in the leash free zone and pouncing in the water searching out balls or even just rocks, damn those dogs can be stupid.

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When you are hungry go to the chip truck or visit H&K Chinese Market to get some good, inexpensive eats and enjoy the best that Toronto has to offer in relaxing destinations.

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