Thursday, October 20, 2011

DX Design Exchange & Former TSX

I wonder what kind of designs are exchanged at the DX and former Toronto Stock Exchange? I mean, did the bad economy cause a downturn in design futures and in the Chanel and Gucci 500 Index? If I walk into the building with a nice tweed, will I get two plaids and a pinstripe in return? Or is it graphic arts that are designed because someone left a little rocket ship graphic under the buildings' name. I am sure it is a rocket as it looks like it is about to blast off.
These are too many questions to even consider answering and there is no way to find this information out - like a series of tubes that could display the correct information, no, not possible in this day and age. The old letters for the TSX remain visible on the exterior wall while giant letters are carved into the building higher up the block facade.
doors of art
There are no 'Occupy Toronto Market Exchange' protesters at the old stock exchange, that is for the 'Occupy Toronto Market Exchange - the old one' or the Toronto Market Exchange - didn't use Google Maps' people.
A Nuit Blanche night and people gather on Bay Street

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