Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Toronto enters annoying phase

The tents remain in St James Park as Occupy Toronto continues it's camp out and sign making workshops. The group of protesters occasionally stir and today they were out marching and clogging up the streets during afternoon rush hour. Talk from the City of Toronto has started to change from casual indifference to watchful indifference tinged with implied threats of reduced indifference.
Solidarity with the people of Occupy Wall St

Protesters are waiting for Santa Claus to deliver the perfect protest platform, hopefully besides full scale communism or anarchy, and barring that, maybe they hope that the police will soon start to throw people out of the park and into people's hearts.
The park remains remarkably clean and peaceful and some older ladies in purple hats were singing, badly it turned out, to try to cheer up the remaining masses of protesters that hadn't gone on the days march and traffic disruptions. Someone had dropped off a bunch of mannequin heads and they soon became a protest installation - 'See no evil' at top.
I see that some of the Occupy Toronto group actually went into a TD Canada Trust bank branch building at the King and Bay Toronto-Dominion Centre, sat on the floor while security stared at them like they were elephants about to depart the zoo - sort of a combination sad and outraged look that I think the elephant handlers probably had. See more photos after the jump.

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In Vancouver the protesters have formed a state.

Doors Open

Scarborough Bluffs





Lake Ontario

Nathan Phillips Square