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Fire Fighter Appreciation Day 2011

Emergency Responders of the Fire Fighter variety dressed up in their bunker suits and heavy air packs and battled for supremacy at the Milton Fairgrounds during Fire Fighter Appreciation Day 2011. Departments from around the GTA including Mississauga, Milton and Toronto's finest joined up in teams of four to compete in a number of events that included brute strength, teamwork and endurance.

The lady fire fighters from Toronto talk strategy.

Carrying the heavy rescue dummy during event 1: OVERHAUL.
Members of the Mississauga Fire Department roll hoses during the event.

See more photos and the schedule of events after the jump.

The Mississauga completes the event.
Lining up in teams with blindfolds on.
Schedule of Events.
7:00am Volunteer Registration
7:45am Fitness Challenge Team Registration Opens
8:30am Participant Briefing
9:00am Opening ceremonies with Milton Mayor Gord Krantz and CFFF President Robert Kirkpatrick
9:10am Event 1 begins
9:30am Kids area opens
10:00am Kids Mini-Combat Challenge (no sign-up required)
11:15am Event 2 begins
11:30am Lunch Opens
12:00pm Kids Mini-Combat Challenge (no sign-up required)
12:45pm Milton Fire Department Training Demos (3 different scenarios)
1:30pm Event 3 begins
2:00pm Kids Mini-Combat Challenge (no sign-up required)
3:00pm Fitness Challenge completed
3:30pm Prizes awarded, Kids play area closes
3:45pm After party featuring Replica on-site at Milton Fairgrounds.
9:00pm On-Site after party closes and moves to Shoeless Joe’s on Main St in Milton!

EVENT 1: OVERHAUL (12 min cap)

Station A: The team must do a marked distance of a Kaiser hit with sledge hammer. All team members must participate and maintain hitting order until completion.
Station B: Teams will be designated a pile of items that must be transported from one location to another. The items will be various weights and awkwardness. All items must be moved before moving on
Station C: Teams will pick up a dummy on a stretcher and run to next station
Station D: Team will drop the dummy and complete 100 ceiling pulls with a weighted pole. Members are able to partition reps however they like to reach 100, however each member must perform as least 10 reps.
Station E: Team member will roll one hose length each from a stretched out position.
Team will then pick up the dummy on a stretcher, return to Station Band move all their equipment back to original designated area. Once all the equipment is returned to original area the team then runs to next station
Station F: Team will pull a charged hose to a designated line where they will hit a target
Once team hits target their time ends. Penalty added for every station not completed if time cap reached.


Teams will perform a blind search and rescue operation. Wearing blackened out goggles all team members must crawl to other side using a hose length as their guide. The course will have obstacles along the way to contend with, navigate over, under and through. Once the dummy is found, the team must bring the dummy back to the starting position.


Each member of the team must maneuver a weighted sled through a designated path simulating pulling a hand-drawn apparatus circa 1800. Once finished with the sled, they will grab an empty bucket and run to the community portable water tank area where they can fill their bucket. They will run through an obstacle course to fill their team’s trough. The course will include over, under, and climbing components. As each member completed the sled course, they will join their team mate in the bucket brigade. Eventually all 4 team members will be part of the bucket brigade and attempt to fill the trough as much as possible in the time allotted.

Scored on measurement of water into your team’s trough.

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