Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Toronto: Monday October 17, 2011 Day 3

The sun finally shines on day 3 of Occupy Toronto and St James Park is peaceful and relaxed. It 's hard to focus when you are protesting everything. Tents and media outnumber the sparse protesters who are enjoying the experience of protesting. The Guy Fawkes masks from the 'V is for Vendetta' movie is a popular choice for many of the protesters.
The range of protesters and their causes paralyze their decisions. Maximum impact would be during morning rush hour on a fresh new Monday. Instead, they cannot get motivated enough to hit the streets bright and early with their yet to be determined message.
Bicycle police, jovial and friendly to a fault, stay on the edge of the park probably hoping that this doesn't turn into another G20 free for all, except for maybe Officer Bubbles and a few like him. There was a small independent group protesting at the Toronto Stock Exchange in the morning, photo below.
In my opinion these protesters know that things have changed, although Canada has fared pretty well, and someone is to blame for the problem. If they can put a face to that someone then the protest will come to life. Until then this is a pretty good love in, complete with the damn guy on the Segway (shown below getting ready for an interview at the edge of the park).
Plans to march today are penciled in for the lunch hour. The intended destination is Ryerson University. Why? I don't have a clue yet and I am not sure that the protesters do either. Maybe Ryerson is a friendly face in the park. Update: Ryerson is in the midst of their Social Justice Week which runs from Oct 17 to 21, 2011. The march enters the streets just a little after noon - photo at top, and meet up at Victoria and Gould with some union members.

See more protest photos after the jump.

Police getting ready to escort the marchers to Ryerson University

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