Sunday, October 16, 2011

Collingwood - colour me gone

Well, almost gone, but there is still some final colour in leaves that hold on for dear life, scared of heights and falling to the ground in Collingwood. High winds and the march of time have released many of the leaves this late in the fall season today was no exception as the winds came out to play several times along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment as Ann, Joe Fresh and I played in the Blue Mountain Resort.
We managed to escape the most of the rain that seems to have decided to replace the usual beautiful weather of the Ontario Fall. The trip up along Airport Road confirmed that the fall colours peaked about two weeks ago. Hitting Collingwood along the shores of Georgian Bay we head up the steep slope which is cut by ski runs. We first pass the cracks of Collingwood (or caves?) and find a parking spot where Blue Mountain crests and where they operate a summer lift that runs from top to bottom and which can also accommodate bikes.

The journey down the lift is free - you just have to pay to get back up. Down in the resort village the shops and restaurants are open for business. The attractions include mini putt golf and a mountain ride called Ridge Runner - and the ride is exciting. On the Runner you belt into a lean blue sled with handles on the side that allow you to control your speed down the course. I braked in several areas as I descended down the escarpment while Ann went down full blast, she was definitely braver than I!

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