Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Toronto Flatiron building for sale, time to relax in Berczy Park

On a pleasant day the fountain at Berczy Park and the surrounding area is a perfect way to relax and enjoy life in the city. These two gentleman perch on the edge of the fountain as they smoke their large cigars. The park looks upon the large wall mural on the west face of the triangular Flatiron or Gooderham Building which is located at the convergence of Wellington and Front Streets where Church Street cuts like a knife.
Nestled in the bosom of Toronto's skyscrapers
The Flatiron Mural by Derek Besant
The view from the Church Street intersection
Even a reasonable facsimile of Lady Gaga has been seen near the building!

The building with the restaurants and patio's on the ground and basement floors is a historic landmark located just east of Yonge Street in the St Lawrence Market neighbourhood. You can buy the amazing building as it is currently up for sale but count your pennies because in 2005 it sold for $10 million dollars. Put your bid in to Brookfield by October 27, 2011.
The stark fire escape stairs run down the side of the brick building near the front of the wedge

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