Sunday, October 02, 2011

Toronto Renegade Rave 2011

Anti-Blanche extravaganza Les Rues Des Refuses held another Renegade Rave and Roving Parade during the October 1, 2011 all night art festival. Once again the many marchers and dancers gathered at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and headed into the night at approximately 10pm following a DJ pickup truck, lasers and a dome ringed with green lights. They wandered without a police escort this year. 

The parade was a well run affair with peaceful youths walking en mass through the streets of Toronto. Good moods were the order of the day with spontaneous dancing breaking out here and there. The event was put on by the Rothko Institute and the Renegade Nuclear Physics Laboratory (which was probably in that green dome). The large crowds moved pretty fast.

My short YouTube video of the dancing in the street.

The DJ and some of his crew.
Great mohawk hairstyle.
The gorilla in the mist.

They describe the parade as an experiment and they "Thank you for volunteering to have your atomic structure torn asunder. Because of your sacrifice we will be able to initiate a nuclear fusion reaction which will provide a cheap abundant source of energy for generations or we’ll destroy the Solar System.

During the experiment, you will be asked to do one or all of the following tasks so please ensure that you are wearing comfortable clothing and are rested.
-Dance like a fucking maniac
-Increase the orbital speed of your subatomic particles
-Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care
If you feel uncomfortable with any of these tasks then perhaps this research opportunity is not right for you."

We left the group to venture out into the more mainstream Nuit Blanche events. See photos of the 2010 parade on my post here.

There are lots more photos after the jump.

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