Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More cool Toronto Zombies

The annual Toronto Zombie Walk brings out more and more people who enjoy the chance to dress up, pour gallons of blood on themselves and have hundreds of photographers snap their pictures. Some of the efforts produce really cool looking zombies. See my original 2011 posts here - zombie wedding and zombies on the streets. It's an interesting genre of the cosplay movement. Sometimes it's not the most gory or horrifying that makes the coolest zombie, but instead it is the sexy, the bold and the unusual - they make great pictures as well. Here are lots of pictures from the Saturday, October 22, 2011 walk.
zombie with knife through the head

green and blue hair zombie with piercings

See more zombies after the jump.

red hair and goggle zombie with schoolgirl zombie
members of the Umbrella Corporation wrangle zombies
peacock feathers and swan glasses
British zombies
viking and deadmau5 mouse head zombie
hypnotic zombie and German soldier zombie
Goth zombie
zombie pussycat
zombie cupcake lady with liquid black eyes
ghostbuster zombie and flight attendant zombie
blue and white skull face zombies
German soldier zombie and horror zombies
hot blonde zombies including one in a red Russian army hat

hockey player zombie with cute bunny rabbit zombie riding on shoulders
pipe smoking zombie
army zombie
Russian soldier army beside epic fail zombie
bloody eye zombies
female superhero zombie
blonde zombie in McDonalds Restaurant
three zombies in a row including one with a green mohawk hairdo

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