Monday, October 03, 2011

Morpheous and Les Rues Des Refuses

In addition to the Nuit Blanche night and the Renegade Rave and Roving Parade I happened to check out a few other Les Rues Des Refuses exhibitions around town including the wickedly exciting Morpheous Extravaganza.. A little leather and some rope at 442A Dufferin Street make for great art and it was nice to come in from the cold.
I managed to squeeze into the odd and bizarre big top tent at 13 Ossington Avenue where I witnessed first hand the Something Sweaty This Way Comes show. I was too horrified to take any pictures of the tiny bar and the denizens of this event - I can only show some of the outside signage.
It was billed as "Under our Big Top awaits a plethora of exotic fauna and culturally irrelevant phenomena: camels, acrobats, clowns, rhinos, hippos, ponies, zebras, ostriches, dwarves with umbrellas, elephants, the fat man, lions, tigers, seals, bears, more clowns, and poodles- all having questionable interactions with each other along with a ton of red and white stuff and curated performances that will make you ponder the question “really?”.

“Something Sweaty This Way Comes” is simultaneously a huge potential fire hazard and a tasteless, erotic homage to the circus, sexual perversion and degeneracy. It is our fourth epic installation with visual, audio and performance components and continues our artistic mandate and cultural mission to provide a nocturnal oasis and alternative to the originally interesting but rapidly disintegrating and poorly curated cultural disaster known as Nuit Blanche."

And now for some more of the ladies who helped lead the Renegade Parade.

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