Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Toronto settles into St James Park

Hundreds of protesters from Occupy Toronto marched from the intersection of Bay and King Streets into St James Park. The Park sites beside St James Anglican Cathedral near Church and King Streets. The mature trees helped to protect people from the rain spitting down during the cool fall day. Everyone seemed in good spirits and the mixture of protesters were probably matched with an even number of photographers capturing what is expected to be the beginning of a new North American movement which still continues in the United States.
Several tents started being raised soon after they crowd got into the park and the protesters intend to stay as they plan their activities and general assemblies until 9am on Monday when they begin their march and occupy Bay Street and the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Gov Inc wolfman
Bob Rae
Sid Ryan

I saw former Premier Bob Rae and Union Leader Sid Ryan out making their opinions known. Donation boards set out the requests for specific requirements, like tarps and tents, while food started appearing to feed the park dwellers. When I left the portable toilets which were to be supplied by CUPE still had not shown up.

See more protesting in the park after the jump.

A nice blue mohawk 
Native protesters

The food tent starts to fill up

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