Monday, October 10, 2011

Demolition Derby - Smashin' & Crashin'

The Erin Fall Fair's Demolition Derby exploded in the night as cars slammed against each other in a battle of dominance and endurance. The four and eight cylinder heats included figure eight races and demolition bouts that saw cars reduced to a mangled mess of car parts with deep dents that surely would not buff out. Many of the vehicles had to be carried out by construction equipment on hand for just such an pile of garbage eventuality. Sparks and smoke filled the air as moving parts ground against immovable steel and engines strained to get the necessary ramming speed, spinning in the soft sand of the ring.
Much of the fair was empty as everyone crowded on the hill and stands that stood on a hill overlooking the field of battle. A large rectangular dirt track surrounded by large concrete blocks that sometimes gave against the power of the smashup derby action.

The direct heavy impacts brought out sounds that were unmistakable and were crowd favourites, followed by the puncture and explosion of tires as the rubber surface gave way to the brutal damage inflicted by the gasoline powered vehicles which were at one time someone's brand new and well loved car.
The top three cars (the only ones still running) were moved up to the final heat in both the four and eight cylinder cars. It was hard to believe these cars could take the punishment and still continue onto another round. The metal to metal collisions that bring to mind the new movie Real Steel with Hugh Jackman where robots fight each other. Here is my YouTube video of the action.

See more crashes and dents after the jump.

The demolition derby was immediately followed by fireworks.

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