Monday, May 09, 2011

TGIS - Thank god it's spring

Well it had to happen someday and I think that with the Cherry Blossoms in High Park finally bursting out in full glory ( I think that this past week we can really say that spring has arrived. I think tonight I will put the snow shovel away, especially now that people have started to wear shorts and everyone is cutting the grass and planting flowers. I always wonder at the sudden appearance of a forest, where only bare trees existed just days ago. It’s like winter, less winter, rain, more rain – then bam, the blossoms come out and the forest turns green.

Besides the rising temperatures I really like the colours, including the solid green foliage that starts to fill our views. No more blah winter days, full of various shades of grey and the ever present salt stains. It’s time for the peacock to come out and for people to fill the sidewalk patios.

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