Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CN Tower: EdgeWalk

Can you imagine walking outside along the edge of the CN Tower's main pod 356m in the air? It scares me even thinking about it. Adventure seekers will be able to walk hands free with only a tether saving them from being swept over the edge. You can see the system of supports built around the top windows waiting for some brave individuals to take a chance.

You can order tickets I believe starting June 1, 2011. And here are people enjoying the thrill of danger high above our city. During the annual CNE Airshow you can get some good views of passing planes during your Edgewalk.

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1 comment:

Pamela Walker said...

Oh!! I am feeling so much thrilled by seeing this and I can't imagine how would I feel when I will be there. Looking forward for my next trip to Toronto.

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