Monday, May 30, 2011

GLEE Matthew Morrison in Toronto

I have to say that I am a GLEEK, yes a fan of the television series GLEE, although not unconditionally. I like their scrappy us against the world bravado and spirit. I enjoyed when they practiced and sang some great songs and when Lea belted out some snappy tunes with her spectacular voice. Now they seem to sing all the time, going to the bathroom – break out in song. And where did that band come from? I also miss all the cheerleader outfits that they wore everywhere – it must be a 24/7 thing in the States.
Anywho, I have exclusive photos of the place where GLEE’s Matthew Morrison (they guy with the tall, creamed hair – the teacher and GLEE club coach Mr. Schuester) who has released his album called “Matthew Morrison” will do his HMV meet and greet. I know it was exclusive because everyone was covering their eyes as they walked along the area, bumping into each other, or looked in another direction (it might have been the sign with ET Canada’s Rick Campenelli name that caused the eye avoidance). I muscled past security (or shoppers just standing there, what am I, psychic?) flashing my secret non Main Stream Media (MSM) media pass and took the long awaited pictures of the seat that may or may not support Matthew’s own ass. If people had only known of this secret location there would be girls swooning everywhere – they would cover the ground with their sheer numbers and I am sure panties would also be flying in the air before the ladies collapsed unconscious to the ground.  Since no one was looking I took the opportunity to throw my own underwear as well (prep for the naked bike ride?), however my thong didn’t fly very well and I think it got hooked on the roped paddock area which winds around in front of the stage and will contain the fans in an orderly fashion.
HMV ( is allowing the first 300 people to purchase the album by Matthew – damn, I already forgot what it is called, to receive a chance for one autograph and to take a picture of him today, Monday May 30, 2011, at 4pm in the Eaton Centre. The location is just beside an escalator and right outside the main inside mall entrance of Sears (at street level) which overlooks the grand hall and, far away, the flying geese at the other end of the mall. The fans with their wristbands gather in a large lineup ready for Matthew scheduled to arrive in just a few minutes from when these last pictures were taken.

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