Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anime North 2011 cosplay

The parking lot of the Toronto Congress Centre was full of PCs (see below) and lots of other people in costume going to the Anime North 2011 convention running from May 27-29, 2011. The variety of costumes was stunning - I know if it was me it would be a little bit of cardboard and a little duct tape, then Bob's your Uncle - Cosplay. A lovely lady was wearing some clothing by Cinched Tight Corsets and I found someone I knew from Georgetown - Beamer from Sideshow Tattoos. Here are some pictures from Sunday.

I think a lot of people passing by were surprised by the characters walking along the street and getting on the Dixon Road buses.
I was great having so many people that wanted to have their pictures taken and it was fun going from group to group. Then when I was thirsty I sampled some free Dr Pepper.
The Anime North website posted this in regards to the other convention happening at the centre "The Ontario Provincial Conservative party will be having a conference at the Toronto Congress Center on the same weekend as Anime North. They will be in the North building, which is completely separate from the South building where Anime North is. They even have separate parking lots. There is not expected to be any problems with these events going on concurrently.

There has been posting on some boards suggesting that our attendees should try to "troll" the tories or otherwise make a nuisance of themselves. Any kind of harassment by the members of one event on the members of another is grounds for Congress Center security to kick you off of their property, and Anime North would regard that as grounds to confiscate your badge as well. Let them have their convention and we’ll have ours."

A fellow blogger's daughter - Happy Birthday Skye

There are lots of pictures to follow after the jump. (Click on Read More >>, below)
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