Tuesday, May 03, 2011

BIXI Bike Toronto - take, ride, return

Although they missed a very important step in the bike rental practice; pay. Toronto begins the public bike rental business for as little as $5 for a 30 minute ride (excluding any hold payment on your credit card which currently sits at $250 for each bike) with BIXI Toronto. The bikes look a little chunky, in fact they look like they are electric bikes but they are 100% people powered and they are definitely not as pretty as this bike decorated with red tinsel hearts.
There are a large number of BIXI Stations (80 right now) spread around the downtown core and along Queens Quay and when you take a bike (starting with 1,000 bikes in the system) you don’t have to return it to the same place you got it.

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moriah2472 said...

I have traveling to Toronto next month have few days trip there I need a Best car rentals in Toronto. Can anyone suggest few?

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