Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Ontario Renaissance, Pirates and Medieval Faires 2024

What, miss a chance to dress up? Not a chance and here are some times you can join fellow cosplay and live action enthusiasts at various Renaissance Festivals, Medieval Faires and Pirates around Ontario in 2024. It's a bonus when they include jousting knights and amoured combat.

Wandering the grounds of the festivals you will be able to find all manner of cosplay - not just knights and princesses, but also other brands of fantasy and history and probably a few furries. Or you can just go incognito, dressed like a normie - your choice.

Niagara Renaissance Faire, Niagara Falls May 18. Inaugural event in 2024!
Wentworth Medieval Faire, Ancaster May 25-26
Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival, Elmira June 1
Salty Dogs Pirate Festival, Goderich TBD
Royal Medieval Faire, Waterloo (cash only) September 21
Oxford Renaissance Festival, near London September 27-29
Ontario Pirate Festival, Guelph August 3-5

Plus you can join a pirate ship at Pirate Life Toronto and sail the high seas of Lake Ontario beginning May 4

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