Monday, August 26, 2013

A look back at the Sauruses

@BuskerfestTO 2013 brought back the gang from Holland's Close Act Theatre, in 2011 they had the freaky XL insects, this year they journeyed to the Cretaceous Period and returned with life sized dinosours that wandered the festival and captured everyone's immediate attention. Three of the terrible lizards, led by a tall handler, turned out to be very friendly and they seemed to like to interact with the visitors.
The giant beasts looked like they were ready to frolic around on prehistoric plains - eating whatever they could catch, but apparently they only eat veggies. As the Sauruses reached to the sky they were one of the easiest acts to see in the exceedingly busy street.
"They are presumed to be extinct, nonetheless the biggest beasts that ever walked the earth return to the twentyfirst century. With a deafening roar these Sauruses charge through the crowds, looking for food to calm their hunger. People jump swiftly out of their way having never seen such giant beasts before."
See more of the gentle creatures after the jump.

A young boy gets a better view
Meeting some large seagulls
Sauruses can be seen heading out of the square and onto Yonge Street

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