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#Toronto Roller Derby Season Opener 2012

The ladies are back in their new home at the Downsview Park Bunker and with a double header bout the Toronto Roller Derby is back for 2012. Doors open Saturday Feb 4th at 5 and the bouts start at 6. First out the door will be the D-VAS followed by the Gore-Gore Rollergirls against the Chicks Ahoy! Brimstone warms up during a previous season in the photo above. Fill the bleachers, bring your chairs and blankets and start stacking those empty beer cans ready for a derby demolition run. Tonite I will be there capturing the action, but it is better to be there yourself. The Toronto Grand Prix Tourist says see you there. This is a picture mega post to celebrate the start of Toronto Roller Derby 2012 - thanks to Speedin Hawking, Hoff and Roadside Bombshell.

Wacked Her #862 

The rookie Deadly Viper Assasination Squad, or D-VAS, were split into the Reds and the Black teams and they battled hard, but finally the D-VAS won, yes they kicked D-VAS ass! D-VAS Red 61 vs D-VAS Black 59.
D-VAS R2-Smack-U #1977 and Wacked Her #862 both go down
Wacked Her #862 goes round R2-Smack-U #1977
Stretching before the match

After the D-VAS came the match between Gore-Gore Rollergirls in leopard print uniforms and Chicks Ahoy in the green and black, with the Chicks taking the hard fought bout 137 to 124. The Chicks were in charge during the first half while in the second half the Gore-Gores come on strong, but they couldn't close the gap before the game ended.
Jammer Dyna Hurtcha #21 gets spun around Brim Stone
Brim Stone #21:8 and Foxy Sinatra #13 taking a short break in the penalty box
#13 Foxy Sinatra readies to block Dyna
Jammers Dust Bunny #7 and Bala-Reina #905 ready to spring into action

See more roller derby action after the jump.

Hurlin Wall #89 is flanked by Ason Martini #510 and Lady Gag Ya #212

I liked the new setup in the Bunker. They moved the track to the far side and put more bleachers around the track. Even so the huge crowd ended up being standing room only. They ran out of beer by the second break  because watching the girls work hard was thirsty work. Luckily they still had some Hard Mikes! Toronto continues it's love affair with flat track roller derby and the crowds grow each season, cheering on their favourite teams and enjoying the action on the track. Free parking at the Bunker is also a bonus. Here are some more of the D-VAS.

Now more Chicks and Gore-Gores.

Brim Stone and Bambi #33
Zebra Squad referees check out the Gores for safety
Holding the severed head, those girls are savage!
Bench conference for some of the Chicks
Jammer Dyna Hurtcha passes the crowd and heads around to score points
#818 smashes into Brim Stone

Bambi comes up against Tara Part #L7

Jammin', slammin' and blockin' in turn 3

Tumble in the rumble
Chronic #60, who we also met at the Motorcycle SuperShow
Bala-Reina #905 slaps hands with fans after the match
Dust Bunny #7
Brim Stone #21:8
Hurlin Wall #89
Bambi #33
Aston Martini #10 and Bala-Reina #905 hug after the bout
Miss Kitty La Peur #44 out of uniform

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