Friday, February 24, 2012

Graffiti in Kensington Market

I think artist and poet Gregory Alan Elliott owns Kensington Market in #Toronto - his work is everywhere throughout the famous and eclectic neighbourhood, including the "I don't know how to fix this" in the photo at top and all his merry, smiley-face, red hearts stuck here and there.
A framed heart with "Where are you"
Hydro pole heart, blue fish and words, and plenty of staples

"Just because it only beats for you doesn't mean it's broken" bike stand

There is a lot of wall in Kensington Market so there are many graffiti artists that paint up a storm. Here are a few of the more interesting works of art that I found on my journey.
A large sticker of the late Amy Winehouse, stuck in a doorway

 See more graffiti after the jump.

Bell phone booth
A Poser rabbit
Happy face in orange tape and a painted light pole
"You dumb toy"
Stephen Harper sticker

Occupy Economics, now sanctioned by the money UN
A horny rabbit, aren't they all?
Both stores and alleys have a lot of graffiti
"Vote with your money"
The Kensington Market street marker, a globe on a chair on a pole

"I loved graffiti until I met graffiti writers"
A turquioise lady with sunglasses
Pink mannequins with wash on clotheslines, which is a metaphor for laundry, or maybe pink, with a little nudity at Courage My Love. I don't know, everything has so many meanings, except the nudity which is just a parable, oops I mean the boobs are just like parabolas. Oh life is sweet in Kensington

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John Du said...

Hi Jim, sorry to double message you. But do you know the origin of the Amy Winehouse graffiti in this post? We are doing an art project and have been looking for this graffiti. Any information you have would be very much appreciated!


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