Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day cleanup?

Happy Leap Day! Every four years the February 29 Leap Day gives us another day in the year so that the Earth's revolution around the Sun matches up with our calendar. I had to apologize to my wife, I didn't get anything for her to celebrate Leap Day - the jewelry stores are really dropping the ball on this special day. Is it even a bank holiday?
The lovely un-winter weather is playing havoc with our usual pristine snow covered ground, which quickly turns grey, then black in the grime of a big city. Everything is just a little bit wet and muddy. At City Hall the only snow seems to be the piles left over from cleaning the ice in Nathan Phillips Square with the trusty Zamboni. A cleanup is in order because even the piles of ice snow have residue of the Happy New Years Celebration (including some bras and undies) now two months past, and the bollards emblazoned with "City of Toronto" (because otherwise they would forget which city it is) seem a little moldy.

The extra day shouldn't be used to slack off says OFM, a office and school furniture manufacturer in Holly Spring, NC, who says the time can be used to organize and clean the office. I am rather busy this Leap Year, maybe I can get around to the cleanup next Leap Year.

Well, if you have time OFM’s staff of office furniture professionals shared these five tips for creating a productive workspace:

1. Clean your desk.  Many people have a tendency to stack papers and other work materials in little piles around their desks, which can be helpful for a little while. But if those piles are for projects that are finished, file them or throw them away.

2. Keep it close. For paperwork that you need to reference frequently, consider a rolling file pedestal, such as one of these four models from OFM- Put really important files in a red folder at the near end of the drawer for quick reference.

3. De-clutter.  That novelty softball with a vendor’s logo on it? The old mug with a broken handle? All those extra pens? You don’t need them. If you aren't going to use something on a regular basis, it’s just clutter. Throw it away.

4. Get virtually tidy. Don’t forget your computer. Too many people work off of desktops full of dozens of icons for old spreadsheets and documents. If you don’t want to spend time organizing them, just put them all in a single folder and keep your desktop clear.

5. Wipe it down. Bring a spray bottle of a common household cleaner to work. Not only will it keep your desk germ-free to wipe it down from time to time, but it will also remind you to keep your desk clear enough that you can.

“No one likes to take time out of their workweek to clean and organize their desk, even though it will help you be more productive and happier in the long run,” said Blake Zalcberg, chief operating officer of OFM. “That’s why we recommend you do it on Leap Day, that one extra day we get every four years. If you can’t organize when you literally have an extra day, when will you?”

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