Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween: Trick or Treat

The little ghosts and goblins will soon be knocking on our doors asking for treats (mmm delicious treats) and luckily this year it is not snowing (although it is a little damp and windy) but the kids are tough and will do a lot for candy. (That's Erin pictured above). Members of the Star Wars Canadian Rebel Legion gathered at the Milton home of Daniel and welcomed the young children dressed as Star Wars characters - the light sabers were pretty cool. Even some of the children dropping by were Star Wars characters, including the famous Darth Vader. Halloween seems to be the end of our beautiful fall colours. Go walk, climb or bike around nature and see the last leaves before Canada begins it's true season of winter. My son and his friends recreated a movie trailer for a school project. The movie they picked is the scary "Legion" due out in January of 2010. It is a fight against angels as a former angel seeks to protect a pregnant lady whose child can save humanity. First is the official trailer and their production follows. The official trailer is scary, their trailer is hilarious.

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