Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zombie Walk 2009

Pam Anderson was in town this week to raise awareness for PETA and the protest against killing seal cubs and I am sure she wouldn't support feasting on human brains that filled the minds of the undead in Toronto. Yes that's right, the undead walked through the streets of TO, bloodied and single minded of purpose - brains, human brains, brains probably high in chloresterol.

PS - it was love at first bite as Adam Pearson proposed to Thea Munster (both pictured above) on a hill full of the fellow zombies.

The gathering began in the hollow of Trinity Bellwood Park on Queen Street West. Many showed up already undead and many also took advantage of the the free zombiefication provided by the sponsor Resident Evil in anticipation of the release of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. The walk also followed a different route on the way to Bloor and Bathurst.

Head Zombie Thea Munster continues to creep out the big smoke with the much anticipated Zombie Walk and more information can be found on her facebook page. There is always some zombie movies and after parties when the walk finishes.

There were some fantastic Zombies - my favourite being the blood dripping, contact wearing zombies. There was also a lot of clown and Jesus zombies this year, although clowns don't really need to be zombies to be scary.

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