Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Take the cranberry plunge in Muskoka

Fall colours are popping and the 2.5 hour drive north of Toronto, Ontario comes with a non-stop gallery of beauty as you head to the Muskoka Lakes farm and winery. You can buy a weekend package that includes a tractor ride around the cranberry bogs, a wine tasting and then put on some hip waders and head into the cranberry pond for some Instagram photo opportunities. I wouldn't actually dive into the water, your hip waders will fill with too much water.

The throw the berries in the air move

For many people the call of cranberries is almost hypnotic, the lure of the red and white berries floating in water is a siren call of adventure. There aren't too many cranberry farms left in Ontario but the Muskoka Lakes farm featuring Johnston Cranberries is open for bookings and Fall won't last forever.

When you get in the cranberry bog remember to sit down so that the water looks deeper and the berries more impressive.
You can also see the sculpture that used to reside in the historic Toronto Distillery District and now sits looking over one of the bogs in the Muskoka Lakes farm and winery.
There are a number of trails that you can wander on site

The tutored wine tasting samples

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