Thursday, October 08, 2020

Salmon run back in the Credit River

Salmon spawn from September to November as the water turns cold with the approaching winter and so we head to Norval and the Credit River. We don't have to walk far along the paths following the river before we see some large fish splashing against the current and the shallows. Soon we see dozens, then hundreds make their way back to where they hatched, fighting hard to make it upstream.  

From the CVC website, "The fall migration, or run, begins as water temperatures cool and water levels increase from post-summer rains. This is typically early September but some fish enter the Credit River as early as mid-August. Most Chinook salmon are 4 years old when they make their one and only spawning run. Spawning males develop a hooked jaw called a “kype” and can be quite aggressive. Fish will also lose their bright silver colour and become very dark, at times turning almost black. The fall migration usually peaks around early October and by the end of the month, most of the fish have spawned and died."

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