Monday, October 11, 2021

Collingwood keeps getting more expensive to visit

We took our annual trip to the Collingwood area to check out the fall colours, which are nice on the escarpment by the way, but still muted around the city and one of our stops is at the top of Blue Mountain. We usually walk along the trails at the top of the ski resort, then take the ski lift ride down, enjoy the village and grab a bite to eat in one of their restaurants.

Water trikes rent for $17

This time we found out that they have added a ticket booth up top and are charging $25 to use the trails, $34 if you want to use the gondola to get down to the village. It used to be free to take the gondola down, then you paid for the trip back up (or you could climb the mountain), then they added the cost to go down as well. So we bailed and drove back down to park in the village and skipped the trails and the gondola. Not much was going on Saturday so we decided not to stay for dinner either.

Some of the fall colours on the escarpment above Blue Mountain
The view from the water's edge at Sunset Point Park

Our next stop was the park at the edge of Georgian Bay called Sunset Point. Parking was $10 per hour but they gave you a break and the maximum fee that they would charge per day was $50! We strolled the park for an hour and got out of town fast before they charged us for driving the streets. We ended up going for dinner in nearby Stayner.

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