Sunday, October 07, 2012

Rogers Skydome Centre Roof

The #Toronto sports and concert venue began as the Skydome and later called the Rogers Centre was the first major sports arena with a retractable roof and in September of this year it wouldn't close during a rainy baseball game. The Blue Jays fans got a little wet! You can see it open from the inside on my post here.
I really thought that the roof was actually made of concrete. Take a look at the pictures and the colour and shape says concrete. However I was delusional. The 3 moving panels and one stationary panel is made up of a steel truss system combined with a corrugated steel cladding and a pvc membrane covering. The roof, when it works, takes 20 minutes to open or close.  The figures are amazing - The roof weighs 11,000 tons and covers 31,525 square metres with a maximum width of 209 metres and sits 86 metres at its highest point.
Completed in 1989 the stadium is only 23 years old but PVC membrane roofs only have an expected life of 20 to 30 years. And if they have any more problems it maybe time to start looking at a replacement. If it was me I would just be calling up the closest equivalent which I'm thinking is a few garage doors! Think of the ease of use when you pull out the handy remote garage door opener and the doors slide open and they have to open faster than 20 minutes -  have you ever waited 20 minutes for your door to open?
I need to check out some Canadian firms that explain how to replace your garage doors!

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