Saturday, October 20, 2012

#Toronto Zombie Walk 2012

The undead assembled at City Hall for the 10th annual @TOZombieWalk. Blood flowed and brains were eaten as no one alive was spared the horror of downtown traffic, especially cars following the zombies on Queen, University, Dundas or Yonge Street. The Saturday October 20, 2012 event rocked! I joined Toronto Zombie Walk organizer Thea Munster (left) and head zombie wrangler Adrienne Everitt (right) in the photo at top.
The Zombie Wranglers gather before the relentless march of the undead

This is the first year that the Zombies have been in the heart of the City as they were shifted from Trinity Park. The first zombies started showing up around 11am and after thousands gathered in Nathan Pillips Square the walk began on Queen Street West around 3pm.

See more gore after the jump.

Steampunk zombie
Clown zombie
gas mask and chained zombie
Thea Munster

V is for Vendetta mask zombies

with 3D zombie

Gumby doesn't look like a zombie

Punk is Undead

Bob and Doug McKenzie with some beer stubbies, eh

bride zombie

where is Waldo zombies
Mexican band zombies

business zombies

rainbow wig zombie

Hooters zombie

sexy nurse zombie

Mickey Mouse zombie

meat grinder zombie
cowboy zombies
war is over kiss the zombie

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