Tuesday, October 09, 2012

#Toronto Humber Bridge Sculpture

An unusual illuminated art installation by Interactive Arts hangs from the pedestrian bridge crossing the Humber River at the mouth of Lake Ontario. The work, which is open for interpretation, could be a dream version of a pair of whales or maybe two squid or even a couple of hungry fish swimming for shiny lures - lined with over 1000 LED lights.
Made out of fibreglass and put together by a dedicated team of artists the art hangs high over pedestrians heads about halfway along the bridge. You can catch sight of it driving along Lake Shore Boulevard West or along the Gardiner Expressway heading east into the city. The installation was to be temporary and removal was supposed to happen by September 20, 2012 so check it out before it's gone.
This group also created the fire spewing Heart Machine which was displayed at Burning Man and Nuit Blanche (pictured above).
The Interactive Arts website says "Overnight, two 18 foot long dancing creatures will appear on the Humber Bridge suspended 20 feet above the pedestrian walkway. The creatures will have a glass like appearance and at night they will seem to communicate with each other and their surroundings using bio-luminescence.We do not know what they are but that is ok because this sculpture is here to remind us to observe and see and that the world we know holds much more than what we are currently aware of; allowing for phenomena we have not yet imagined. We are reminded of this every time we hear of new discoveries in our oceans, forests, caves, and in our space explorations."

You can try to name the installation or even contribute to the piece at their website. See more views after the jump.

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