Saturday, January 28, 2012

IDS12 Interior Design Show 2012

The north hall of the Metro #Toronto Convention Centre was the place to be for the interior designer set during IDS12. The cost of $22 was pretty steep to see a lot of fancy bathrooms and fireplaces that companies are trying to sell to you! A chair design competition produced some interesting creations in the photo above.

I did like the ice sculptures out on the Front Street entrance; there were chairs and even a winter parka embedded in ice.

Inside, the hanging tapestry installation was interesting, especially when used as a projection screen. Then there were the silver balloons hanging from the ceilings. Now that's my kind of interior design.

A beautiful model relaxes at Andrew Richard Designs

 See more ID photos after the jump.

Wire mesh giraffe

Watching the seminars on funky plastic chairs
A steampunk chair hoist
An IDS12 temporary entrance tattoo

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