Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Power Plant Smoke Plume

The TransCanada-Halton Hills Generating Station uses natural gas to fuel generators that supply power to the Golden Horseshoe and the recent drop in temperatures has plumes of cooled exhaust smoke shooting out of the plant's 6.1 metre diameter twin stacks which rise 61m above ground. When the generators start up they can produce high NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) concentrations which makes yellow smoke.
644MW of capacity are ready to be spun from the combined cycle facility which uses two 182 MW gas turbine generators with two heat recovery steam generators and one 280 MW steam turbine and generator. Running at about 63% of capacity they produced 405 MW on January 18 to provide electricity to the GTA West area. The  electricity is converted to 230 kV and connected to the Hydro One Transmission system which runs along the south side of Highway 401 (info from the draft environmental review and IESO generator reports).

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