Monday, January 09, 2012

Bird watching in Toronto

The variety of wildlife in the big city of #Toronto is immense. I see many people hiding behind urban blinds, or camouflage, looking through big binoculars and looking for feathery type animals that fill the skies. I search for the tell tale signs of winged beasts in the asphalt jungle, signs like feathers and poop.
With stealthy, ninja like sneakiness I creep upon a gathering of stately birds of prey, gathered together in what must only be the end of a group hunt and feast, they are so efficient that no evidence of their prey remains. I believe that they consider the Eaton Centre to be like a cliff that mirrors life in the badlands away from the GTA. The cliff serves to herd prey out in the open and allows them to swoop down at full speed and hit their food before they even know something is afoot.
The viscous and temperamental birds are sure to be either dwarf eagles or some type of hawk. Bird books are relatively unhelpful in identifying the creatures and I fear they maybe a new species of carnivorous raptors. When I strayed too long I could feel their eyes roaming my luscious body but their hunger had been slaked and they were too lazy to attack. The preferred food seems to be bankers in this part of heaven they call Bay Street and groups of tellers have been snatched by swarms of the winged species. Many times you can find those funny bowler hats and briefcases in a pile and know that a few more financial workers have been lost to the horror of the birds. It's probably why you don't see many children on the street during the weekday - too many to count have been carried off in the tiny talons.

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