Friday, January 06, 2012

Arctic Air ice sculpture

Large blocks of ice are being sculpted right now in #Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square. At first I thought that they might be signaling the upcoming WinterCity celebrations, which include Winterlicious and their famous prix fixe meals, but it turned out that it was a promotion for the new television show ‘Arctic Air’. The blocks are being put together and sculpted to form an airplane by a team of dedicated and slightly cold artists. Island airport activists will soon picket the sculpture in anticipation of excessive ice noise and potential ice plane flights which will disrupt their enjoyment of the island.
The sculpture base is laid out early in the morning
Blocks of ice wander looking for a cocktail

The one hour television show is about a ‘maverick airline and the unconventional family that runs it’ and features such actresses as Krista who is a pilot and natural leader while also being smoking hot. She is joined by Krista from Sweden and a few other people. Seems a lot like the reality show called Ice Pilots NWT with the group from Buffalo Airways or the other flying reality show Flying Wild Alaska. The Artic Air will surely be joined by other series built around pawnbrokers and the unconventional family that runs it and later by a show about storage facilities and the unconventional and ornery group that bids on the lockers – one of the characters will probably bid by saying Yyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppp in a really annoying way. Later the CBC will try to predict what happens in 2009!
The plane really starts to take shape
This plane will only cost $5 to ride but taxes run at $25,000

See more of the plane - even when it's completed, after the jump.

Winterlicious and WinterCity run from Jan 27 to Feb 9, 2012 and will feature events and cuisine from 175 restaurants taking part in the fixed price offerings which are now 10 years old – Happy Anniversary. The lunches run from $15-25 and the dinners run from $25-45. Both lunch and dinner include a starter, entrée and a dessert.
I caught the completed work of ice art on Sunday Jan 8, 2012. The sunlight highlighted the fuselage just perfectly.

Air hosts provide contest entrance information

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