Saturday, April 09, 2011

Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show 2011

I have seen some bikes out on the road now that the snow is off the roads and the temperatures are starting to climb. While snowmobilers wait for the first flakes of the season to hit the trails, bikers check the sun, wait for Wiarton Willie's prediction of Spring and then, when the conditions are right - out come the choppers. For bikers, or biker want to be's, it's time to drool over motorcycles and biker chicks. Leather and tattoos were the dress of the day but most of the motorcycle milfs were a little too conservative at this party.

Full leather outfits are a little binding, so cut out the ass and feel the breeze in your new chaps. You can then use your chaps on the trip to Port Dover on Friday, May 13th 2011. It will be a little cooler this May as compared to last year's August run so you might actually want to leave the ass in your motorcycle pants.
The show was smaller than I thought it would be and didn't have that much going on but it had some beautiful models and a couple of really far out choppers on display.

Located at the International Centre, the Toronto Spring Motorcycle show was on April 9 & 10, 2011. Here is the information and here is an online coupon for $2 off. Besides making sure their metal shines like a second sun, bikers must always be thinking about crashing because they tend to like the skull and zombie motif - sounds like the end of the line to me baby.

 See more photos after the jump (click Read More >>, below).

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