Friday, April 15, 2011

Sandals and cherries - Bell Sucks!

I am without home internet as my Bell wireless modem (2wire) has again crapped out because of their failure prone power supply. When a new power supply finally gets to me, hopefully within a month, I will celebrate my fifth unit and hope its lifespan is far greater than the previous units. Something must be in the air because when I was still on my third power supply Bell sent out a new one in a general mailing saying that they have had a problem with the ac to dc conversion units and here you go.  It didn’t take me long to need that new unit and now that replacement has gone to a better place.
I hate dealing with Bell and I hate getting hosed by Bell and I really hate when they tell me, once again, that I am not listed on my account. PS my name is James Hamilton and I am addicted to the internet and Bell Sucks!

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