Monday, April 18, 2011

The Spoons at Sunrise Records

80’s band the Spoons were rocking at Sunrise Records at 336 Yonge Street on the weekend with a free concert in the store. The band is listed by Wikipedia as a Canadian New Wave Romantic Synth Pop Music group started in 1979. I think that they were eating in a KFC store in the late 70’s and decided to form a group named the Sporks but after careful consideration and sober second thought they decided to go with the more straight forward name, the Spoons.
Gord Deppe
Sandy Horne

They had a number of hit songs including Romantic Traffic, Old Emotions and Tell No Lies. Vocalist and bassist Sandy Horne and lead vocalist Gord Deppe were joined by Casey MQ on keyboards and Chris McNeill on Drums.
There were joined by Lemon Bucket Orkestra during the event, including this guy with heart sunglasses and a squeeze box.
Posted by Joe Hamilton.

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