Sunday, November 07, 2010

Murals on Dundas

Driving along Dundas Street West in the Village of Islington your eye catches the large murals on the side of several buildings on both sides of the busy road. The large paintings take over the building facade and show different scenes of life a from a time long time ago.
Some of the paintings show colours found in old black and white photographs and some of the paintings show bright, vibrant colours that really grab your attention. The outdoor gallery has been gathering quite the publicity and you can enjoy them as you travel on Dundas Street West from Kipling to Islington. Take a chance and stop to look at the detail in the paintings and the story that they tell.

The paintings also have plaques that tell a bit about the story behind the painting. You can also find more information on line if you want even more details - like story about the WWII bomber that buzzed a rugby game and ended up dropping leaflets onto a farm field.

You can see more of the amazing murals after the jump.

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