Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Bizarre

It doesn't have to be out of the park to be bizarre. Sometimes it is a fine line between funny and just a little odd or peculiar. Toronto has a few strange things going on out there. You can help me find them - post your comments or send me an email about interesting or bizarre stuff.

Some wacked out pics after the jump.
A goth zombie

A Buskerfest bubble machine in front of the Flatiron building

Sometimes art is bizarre. These characters are in a garden down at harbourfront. 

A Pink Bikini-Tini (which I liked) - who comes up with these names? I tried to get the bartender to wear the pink bikini but no luck.

I saw posters with Nyla Stormy in all these newspaper boxes. While it was a little strange it was when I got close to the fab box and saw a little cartoon that things got funny. PS I think this could be the Nyla.
Ha Ha, cartoon wangs.

This picture has graffiti and poster leftovers. The amount of staples in this pole is amazing, it's like S&M for wood.

Ya know, as much as I loved the plastic moose campaign you have to admit they are weird.

Bugs on a building

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