Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exhibitions - show a little in T.O.

It is always a treat when a show or exhibition comes to town and I recently attended the 2010 CSDA Stamp Show in the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition Place. Yah! I know how to party. (But seriously my wife loves to collect stamps so if you have any unloved, unused stamps just send me an email and I will give my address and you can send them to her with our thanks).

If stamps are not your thing we have the Everything to do with sex show from November 19 to 21 at the Direct Energy Centre, also at Exhibition Place. I love their tagline: "Admit it....you're curious". It would be cool if they had a sex stamp show. (But seriously I love porn so if you have any unloved, personal sex photos just send me an email with my thanks).

Keep an eye on these additional trade show/exhibition/convention locations in Toronto for upcoming events that you can get excited about.

Better Living Centre - Exhibition Place.
Toronto Congress Centre - Airport area.
International Centre - Airport area.
Metro Toronto Convention Centre - downtown.

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