Monday, November 29, 2010

Posters and Graffiti

The Toronto Dominion Centre construction site is protected by large sheets of plywood advertising the Cadillac Fairview 77 King Street revitalization project. Someone has added a stencilled image of a man drinking, his shirt says "section 8", as the advertising caricatures stare in his direction. That's just crazy.
Down the road I come upon some posters plastered to newspaper boxes. Rather ironically someone has covered over the poster which states "we got balls". 
This was of course related to the cross, slash and turkey posters which were plastered over the downtown core earlier this year. There was no writing on the old posters to say what they were about, besides the bowling references. Now the trashy advertising has been covered up and you can't tell what it is promoting. Because the advertisements are annoying I won't mention the name either.

Another poster was for a local superhero: Captain Euchre, from Tights and Fights dotcom. You can also check out Fantabulous Gal on the entertainment website.

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