Sunday, November 07, 2010

Toronto Deals and Coupons

I was going to go up the CN Tower on the weekend when the lines made me turn away at the door. After waiting for about 20 minutes in line just to buy tickets we find out that the wait time for each of the different stages reached about one hour. The ticket price combined with the wait times said come back on a weekday when the crowds are down. The best value for going on the Tower was to combine the purchase with a multi attraction pass for other Toronto locations. So it is always a good idea to keep an eye open for good deals on Toronto events, attractions and meals.
I recently joined Groupon for Toronto deals. You sign up, get daily email deals for 50-90% off the regular price and if you like the deal you sign up for it - if they get enough buyers the deal is on. If not enough people show interest the deal is cancelled and you are not out any money. I have seen deals on helicopter flights and speed boat tours on Lake Ontario so there are a large variety of offerings.

Here are some other places you can use to find savings.

Red Flag Deals which also points out free items offered by many stores and restaurants.
Online printable coupons at FlyerLand.

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