Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wild West Queen St West

Heading West on Queen Street West you pass Much Music and the famous truck installation as well as the Hug Me Tree. You find colourful graffiti on alley walls. Between Bathurst and Gladstone is an Art and Design District full of curiosity and fun - "It's wild here" proclaim their street banners.

I find the occasional public phone. They no longer come in their own aluminum and plexiglass cubicles but instead are small boxes on poles, clustered usually in groups of three for some reason. They remain like western era street furniture where you tied up your horse, waiting for the automobile to pass them by. Now they seem to be a public notice board indicating the latest upcoming party and DJ. As I was taking pictures of these non mobile devices I noticed that someone had placed small risque cartoons or joke photos on many of the phones along the street.

In the windows of MissBehav'N glorious models or live mannequins proudly wave to passerbys as they promote the specialty shop at 650 Queen Street on Saturdays. I overhear one person say this was the best part of their walk.

I can see why the artistic expression finds ways to escape the boundaries of the asphalt and metal rails and the tight braiding of the overhead power lines and streetcar wires.

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