Sunday, June 07, 2009

Long Wave at Brookfield Place

The Allen Lambert Galleria hosts the new commission from Toronto artist David Rokeby. The L'Oreal Luminato public art installation is perfect for long, high arch that runs lengthwise between the adjacent buildings. From the Brookfield website "Entitled long wave, the artwork forms a visual representation of a modified sine wave, the invisible structure of all transmitting devices."

Curiously enough this is an arrangement of a lot of large, red balls although these balls are not as big as the one used in the other luminato installation - Redball. One artist I know says that she considers this one more "art" than the big, red ball which is squished into places where it does not fit (but she still thinks Redball is fun).

I, on the other hand, love both the Long Wave and the Redball installations. Two thumbs up.

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