Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Luminato Box - Sarah Lazarovic tweets

A collection of Twitter 'tweets' are framed and there you go, art. And they go into the temporary structure called the Luminato Box at Brookfield Square and there you go, art in a box.

Sarah Lazarovic is a Toronto artist and illustrator who has picked a bunch of tweets, or sayings used on the social networking site Twitter, and used a few font types "to make these digital Tweets permanent, Lazarovic's work addresses the speed at which communication in today's society quickly becomes 'old,' and subsequently archived." (from the Luminato handout).

Since I was in Brookfield Place I decided to capture the Long Wave installation again. In this photo I was trying to capture the impact that art has on our surroundings - it extends beyond the physical components and in some cases casts artistic shadows. You can see more pictures of Long Wave at my blog post here.

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